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          “服務理念面向全球”是摩奧面向經銷商及終端 引領全球消費者服務共同的服務承諾,我們的產品在售前、售中、售后服務上,我們會有專業的銷售服務體系作為支撐,為廣大的經銷商以及消費者提供“立體”的服務體系理念。
          "Service concept to the world" is a common service commitment to the dealers and terminal consumer services. Our products in the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, we will have a professional sales service system as a support, for the vast number of distributors and consumers to provide a "three-dimensional" service system concept.

          "Innovation concept leading the world" is our real concern for innovation. In product innovation and management innovation, a lot of manpower and material resources are put into the early stage of brand building. We strive to perfect the product design and research and development, constantly break through the self and lead the global market trend.