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          19 世紀末 
          The end of the 19th century, 
          Europe invented the
          dry mixing mortar In the late 1930 s, a thin layer of

          20 世紀 30 年代末 
          n the late 1930 s, a thin layer of
          plaster technologies from Europe and America

          20 世紀 40 年代 
          In the 1940 s, the ceramic tile of natural resin 
          modified binder in European and American market

          德國和瑞士首先用聚合物改性瓷磚粘結劑 ,采用薄層法粘結瓷磚、馬賽克 
          After the second world war, Germany and Switzerland, 
          first of all, ceramic tile adhesive modified by polymer thin 
          layer method is used to bond tiles, Mosaic

          20 世紀 60 年代 
          聚合物膠粉出現并得以應用 ,成為現代瓷磚膠粘劑發展的里程碑 ;
          5,In the 1960 s, polymer powder and 
          application, a milestone for the development 
          of modern ceramic tile adhesive;

          20 世紀 70、80 年代 
          6, 70 s and 80 s of the 20th century, 
          adding polymer powder of modern ceramic tile 
          adhesives are widely used in Europe and the us

          20 世紀 90 年代 
          In the 1990 s, ceramic tile adhesive to apply 
          in the asia-pacific region and began to enter China

          2001 年 
           歐洲瓷磚膠粘劑的新標準 EN12004-2001 出臺 
          In 2001, a new standard of the European 
          ceramic tile adhesive EN12004-2001

          2005 年 
          中國陶瓷墻地磚膠粘劑行業標準 JCT547-2005 頒布實施 
          In 2005, the floor tile of wall of 
          pottery and porcelain of China adhesive 
          industry standard JCT547-2005 enacted

          2006 年 
          中國陶瓷墻地磚填縫劑行業標準JCT1004-2006 頒布實施 
          10, In 2006, the Chinese ceramic 
          tiles caulking agent industry 
          standard JCT1004-2006 enacted

          2012 年
          In 2012, adhering to the European technology,
          more professional, more perfect "MOOOA" 
          in foshan successfully put into production